Dear Lucky

Dear Lucky

Annalise Karamas

Dear Lucky,


With midterms canceled this year, I’m worried about being prepared for finals later! I’ve never taken an assessment that big before, do you have any tips?



Worried Freshman


Hi Worried Freshman,


There’s a whole bunch of different ways to prepare for finals or any big assessment, and not all of them are just studying. Many studies have shown eating well and exercising helps a lot with memory recall and keeping your brain sharp! Try to take time to rest and recharge during the week of a test, breaks are important! 

With studying, it’s important to utilize the time you have before a big exam to space out your study time. Try to plan out your study sessions, start early, and give yourself more time to study for your harder classes! If you’re struggling to study by yourself, start a study group with your friends or ask your teacher for help. Sometimes the extra support can be super helpful! Good luck with your exams!



Lucky 🙂 🍀