Teacher Spotlight : Ms. Roche


McKenzie Faherty

Being one out of the eight new staff members here at Feehan, Ms. Roche is a strong and brilliant addition to our Feehan Family. Ms. Roche was born and raised in Worcester Ma. She went to high school at Holy Name while participating in softball and dance. She was the captain of the Math Team, in the Engineering Club, in the Students Against Drunk Driving Club, and in the National Honors Society. After a successful childhood and high school career, Ms. Roche continued her educational career at WPI where she studied Biomedical Engineering. She had always known she liked math, but when Ms. Roche was in grad school, she realized that teaching might be a better path. “I was always told I should be a teacher… but wanted to go into engineering instead… did a semester of grad school in engineering and a semester in education and realized I loved education.” Thankfully, she realized her calling to be a teacher because she is an outstanding one. 


Ms. Roche has two boys, Conor (9 years old) and Jacob (7 years old). Her favorite things to do with them are watch them play sports and go on adventures they like to call “mommy” adventures. The three were also pre-covid avid movie goers.


Something you might not know about Ms. Roche is that she lived in Venice, Italy for three months. “It was like studying abroad but I worked instead of going to school… It was a junior year project but I looked at something that exists in the world that needed attention… The water levels were rising and there were no cemeteries there so they buried tombs under the churches and I had to go into about 127 total churches and evaluate which needed to be lifted and which floors needed to be replaced sooner rather than later.” Along with finding Ms. Roche in room 117, you can also find her creating the choreography for the 2022 spring musical!


Some final messages from Ms. Roche’s spotlight is that she wants everyone to know that “math really isn’t that scary”. She told me that “ ‘Mistakes are proof you’re trying’ and you learn the most from the mistakes you make in life, not your greatest achievements.” Getting to know Ms. Roche the last four months has been more than an honor. Not only is she one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, but she respects all questions asked, has much patience, and understands that teenagers have crazy lives are. She is someone you can turn to when help is needed and is always willing to meet anytime for extra help. Being the new teacher is difficult because you have no reputation so you must build a new one from where you are. The final question I asked Ms. Roche was “What is something you hope to do at Feehan?” And she replied with “To be able to interact with the students more because I am a people person and I enjoy knowing everyone but as of right now I just know my students in my classes.” We are so incredibly glad to have you be a part of our Feehan Family, Ms. Roche! You are a wonderful addition!