The Powder Puff Football Tradition : Back to Delight Fans and Athletes


Mr. Svendsen

The Pink Team from left to right: Case Mankins (coach), Bridget Sutula, Alice Taylor, Sydney Smith, Anna Martin, Adrienne Kyere, Alysse Moskal, Ava Mitchell, Tristen Upton (coach), Dante Bruschi (coach), (second row) Riley Pino, Charlotte Wymes, Samantha Reale, Valerie Capalbo

Valerie Capalbo

On the frigid evening of November 22nd, Feehan held it’s infamous Powder Puff football game. Under the lights on a Monday night, two teams of juniors and two teams of seniors competed to secure their spot in the championship game. The junior game, which was the pink team versus the black team, started out very close with a tie ending the first half. Both teams desperately wanted to pull off the win. The pink team entered the second half with lots of intensity and were able to secure the win with two touchdowns. On the opposite side of the field, the senior versus senior (green versus white) game took place. The senior game was a nail biter, going back and forth through both the second and first halves, and then going into double overtime. It was in the second overtime that the green team came out victorious. A major upset as the white team had been predicted to come out with the win. 

The mood changed as the pink and green teams geared up for the championship game. Starting the game off with the national anthem followed by the coin flip, tension was high and everyone was eager to see who would come out on top. The teams were very even and for the first ten minutes every touchdown was matched leaving the pink team with a tie to end the first half yet again. The green team had the momentum at the beginning of the second half, completing touchdowns and locking down the end zone on defense. With time running out and only a minute and a half left in the game, the green team, as well as many from the stands, believed the green team had the game in the bag. The pink team was not going to go down without a fight. They locked down the two point conversion from the green team, racing the running clock. With 15 seconds left in the game the green team threw a Hail Mary pass to solidify their lead when it was picked off and ran back for a touchdown by the pink team. Time ran out and the junior pink team basked in their well earned win. 

There was a great turnout and the event was lots of fun for everyone involved. The fans enjoyed food from the Haven Bro’s food truck as they watched the game, and a group of senior boys dressed up as cheerleaders and provided a great performance for the crowd. Many faculty and staff withstood the cold weather to show support for their favorite students. All are hopeful that the powder puff will be returning next year. The black team will be looking for a rematch, and the pink team will be eager to maintain their champion status.