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“Here are some recent and not so recent books that have faced banishment.”

Celebrating Banned Books

Grace Muliero May 4, 2022

“A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.” William Styron   Creak, the door opens followed by the...

The Spring Pep Rally

The Spring Pep Rally

Sophia Comey May 4, 2022

Bishop Feehan is a school that enjoys celebrating its student-athletes. One of the main ways it does so is by holding pep rallies each season for the fall, winter, and spring athletes. The month of April...



Abigail Violett May 4, 2022

Easter is a holiday commonly associated with a fluffy bunny that leaves behind a trail of jellybeans, but as we know, the Easter season is a very important and holy time for Christians. Not only is the...

Book Review: The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Book Review: The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Allie Burns May 4, 2022

  Scientists gather ‘round, this book, The Love Hypothesis, is for you. Before the novel has even begun, the dedication is directed to the author’s “women in STEM” and the next page contains...

The PAWS Leaders after a rehearsal

Club Spotlight : PAWS

Molly Sullivan May 4, 2022

       Feehan has dozens of clubs, but one stands out from the others. Praise, Adoration, and Worship through Song, or PAWS, is one of Feehan’s most recognizable and unique groups. Leading the...

Ketanji Brown Jackson Confirmed as Supreme Court Justice

Rohit De May 4, 2022

On April 7, 2022, Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed to the Supreme Court by a vote of 53 to 47 in the United States Senate. She will become the first black woman to serve on the court, making this confirmation...

Ms. Schmidt and Valerie Capalbo

Teacher Spotlight : Ms. Schmidt

Valerie Capalbo May 4, 2022

Ms. Schmidt has taken on many roles over the nine years she has been working at Feehan. As the Studio A, Studio B, and AP art teacher as well as the Coach of Winter and Spring track, she has touched the...

Godspell : Feehans Spring Musical

Godspell : Feehan’s Spring Musical

Mirolla Boules May 4, 2022

  The Gospel according to Matthew was brought to life through song dance and a brilliant display of color. All from the sets to the costumes, the spring musical did not disappoint. Although some may...

Feehan Film Review Club

Club Spotlight : Feehan Film Review Club

Molly Sullivan March 30, 2022

     One of Feehan’s newest clubs, Film Review, is already making its mark. Created to give film-lovers a place to discuss and debate their opinions, Feehan Film Review Club already has a dozen...

The Joe Dez Hour : Episode 9 March Madness Special

Joseph DesVernges-Christy March 30, 2022

Ways to help the Ukraine

Ways to help the Ukraine

Grace Muliero March 30, 2022

As many people know, there is currently a war going on between Ukraine and Russia. To put it simply, the Ukrainian people house a lot of immigrants from Russia. What causes the most concern is Russia’s...

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